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Information Meeting


Bethel’s Biggest Loser is a 13-week weight loss competition beginning Wednesday, February 3 and ending May 5. A $20 non-refundable registration fee will be required to participate. This money will be used to award prizes for both team and individual Biggest Losers. Because this contest not only requires an individual effort, but a team effort as well, it is extremely important to evaluate whether or not you are ready to make the commitment to participate in the contest. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link! Your fellow team members will depend on you to be faithful in your weight loss efforts and encourage them to stay faithful to theirs.

Basic Information:

1. Teams will be selected by random drawing. The teams will then be identified by a color (e.g. Red team, Blue team, etc.). Each team will be assigned a captain. The captain’s role will be to encourage and motivate team members, pass information, and keep team members on track with their weight loss efforts.

2. Private weekly weigh-ins will be held on Wednesdays in Pastor Jim’s office (Room 105). Each person will be weighed on the same scale throughout the competition. First weigh-in will be on February 3. It is recommended that you wear the same clothes each week to weigh-in.

3. You must weigh-in weekly. Weigh-ins will help you stay on track and keep you motivated to meet your weight-loss goal. Contact your team captain if you are unable to make your weigh-in. Missing your weigh-in will have a negative impact on your team. If you miss the weigh-in two consecutive weeks you will be ineligible to receive prizes or awards.

4. Weight loss scoring is based on percent (not the number of pounds) of

body weight lost per individual and team.

5. Weekly weigh-in reports will be posted on Bethel’s Biggest Loser Blog at Team members are encouraged to check the blog daily and post comments that will be helpful and encouraging to all those participating in the contest.

6. Accountability is vital to the success of the contest. Team members are encouraged to contact each other frequently to provide support and encouragement in weight loss efforts. Most importantly, pray for each other daily!

7. While the purpose of this contest is to encourage each other to lose weight by changing diet and lifestyle, the ultimate purpose is to become better stewards of the body that God has given us so we can serve Him better. In Bethel’s Biggest Loser program, there are no losers - only winners. As we encourage and celebrate with one another, we lose weight and get in better shape to serve our Lord! Through Christ we can all be winners!

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