Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Everyone, be sure to pick up your Bethel's Biggest Loser t-shirts on Wednesday. They look great and I am excited to see you all wearing them.
It's last chance workout time...what are you going to do? Be sure to get some exercise in tomorrow.
How have you done this week? Is your momentum high or low? Are you sticking to your plan or have you fudged a little? I hope you are standing strong and remaining positive. I hope you are being an encourager to someone else. This game is all about teamwork...not just for your actual team, but for all those in our contest. The real goal is getting ourselves, our families, and our friends to have a fit body, ready for service for our Lord. Encourage, praise, cheer, rejoice, support one another. I am proud of you all and am looking forward to Wednesday.

See you at the scale.

1 comment:

  1. I exercised hard Sunday and last night so I hope it shows on the scale tonight. I just hope I didn't exercise my jaws eating too much too. ;0