Monday, February 8, 2010

How Is It Going???

Well, we are on day are you feeling? Have you gotten into a routine with your food plan? Has water become your friend? Have you gotten your body moving? I hope so. I have been seeing several Bethel's Biggest Loser participants at the gym...good for you! I am always proud to see you and it makes me want to pick up the pace a bit, so you are encouraging me!
I am a little nervous about Wednesday...I want to scale to note my hard work, but the scale hasn't always been my friend! I guess I just have to do my well, exercise, drink water, and pray!
If you fell off the diet wagon somewhere along these 5 days then get up, dust yourself off, set your GPS to better health, and take up where you fell off. YOU CAN DO THIS...I KNOW YOU CAN! You are in my prayers daily...Keep strong!

See you at the scale


  1. Absolutely! Wonderful advice. We will fail from time to time - but we need to get back up and focus again. Go for it! I am anxious to hear how everyone did this week. Go teams!

  2. Hey all.....I spoke with some of my team black member and we have some great results. In talking wtih Ailee Taylor, she spoke of her secret to her weight loss. The "trifecta" of weight loss. One, the treadmill. Two, water. Third, Scripture. Ailee takes to the treadmill during the kids nap, chases her time with a healthy dose of water and Scripture. This trifecta is a win, win, win situation. Try it yourself. Give Ailee and call do get all the details. Way to go Ailee!

  3. Wow - the percents are close! Great job everyone.
    I'm pumped!