Friday, February 5, 2010

Working It Out

I always love it when I go to the gym and see Biggest Loser team members there working out. It lets me know that we are committed to this journey we have begun. There were a lot of empty tread mills, bikes, and elliptical machines though. Come on...put on your sweats and spend an hour. You will be so proud of yourself! I know I am. I have been going regularly since Christmas. Today I rode the bike 6 miles at a 10 intensity and I worked out on the elliptical for 8 minutes at a 7 (this one is harder for me), and then I used some of the machines. My muscles are feeling a little sore, but tighter. I am drinking water, although I could drink more. I am feeling pretty good for day 2. How about you? Tell me what you are doing for your workout. If you haven't started, get some inspiration and then share your journey. Looking forward to hearing from you. Stay strong...make plans...don't get detoured. If you do, don't give up...begin again where you are. Praying for you all. See you Sunday.

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