Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey Losers...we made it through week 1. How did you do?
I don't mean compared to everyone else or every other team. I mean, in your mind, in relation to how you wanted to progress...How did you do? Did you have an eating plan that was healthy? Did you generally stick to it? Did you find some way to get some exercise this week? Move around a bit? Did you join the gym or maybe just show up at the gym that you've been a member of for a while? Were you miserable all week because you were dieting, or did you have a positive attitude about the whole thing, knowing that, in the end, you will be glad you did? Did you encourage someone else this week? Did someone encourage you?
In my mind, all of these things work together to make a good week. That doesn't mean that I will excel in every area, but did I make an effort to make this out-of-shape temple better? Did I try to help someone else make their out-of-shape temple better by encouraging or advising or going on a walk with them?
Now, let me ask you again...How did you do? I don't know about you, but I'm think I did good.

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